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Quality Tropical Aquarium Livestock, Equipment & Supplies

  Everything you need to stock and maintain your aquarium from Sierra Fish & Pets

Now it's easy to enjoy a beautiful thriving tropical aquarium in your home or office. Confidently setting up and maintaining a healthy, beautiful tropical aquarium where animals can thrive is easier with an experienced, trained specialist at your side. Every employee at Sierra Fish & Pets is an avid aquarium enthusiast and receives ongoing product training in the ever changing industry. You'll get the help and advice you're looking for to have a successful aquarium.

Enjoy an aquarium without lifting a finger. It's simple to enjoy a gorgeous, thriving aquarium without any work – simply have a Sierra experienced professional setup your aquarium for you. Aquarium maintenance services are simple to arrange for any size aquarium and any size budget. We provide custom acrylic or glass aquariums in all shapes and sizes. There are many styles for you to choose from to fit your design and decor of your home or office. Contact us so we can help you create an aquatic masterpiece. Sierra is here to help with all your aquatic needs.

We provide set-ups for: Fresh Water Fish, Salt Water Fish, Reef Tanks, and Planted Tanks.

Call us today or stop on by to make an appointment to get you aquarium hobby started today!

Fresh Water Fish, Salt Water Fish and Reef Tank Livestock
You'll find a wide selection of unusual and interesting fish, invertebrates, live rock and live coral to create a beautiful aquarium to match your taste and budget. You'll find much more than your typical fish store fish. Sierra offers a wide selection, with over 1,800 gallons of salt water fish, corals, and live rock, as well as 6,000 gallons of freshwater fish and live plants. If you prefer reef aquariums (aquariums with live coral and live rock as the center of attention) you'll love the quality and selection at Sierra Fish & Pets. New saltwater stock arrives every week from around the world including: Bali, Indonesia, Tonga/Fiji, Red Sea, Hawaii, and Sri Lanka just to name a few. Freshwater shipments arrive 2 times per week from both local wholesalers and from supply chains across the US.

Come in today to see the latest arrivals! Learn how to set up an aquarium that will thrive.